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 [Release] EvilGunZ V - 5th Client

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PostSubject: [Release] EvilGunZ V - 5th Client   Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:11 pm

EvilGamerZ Proudly Releases EvilGunZ 5th Client a.k.a EvilGunZ V.


Before doing anything, read the rules here! Click URL below

New to EvilGunZ? Register an account today! Click URL below to register

Download EvilGunZ V Client
Download :: Mega-upload :: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E0441BG1
Download :: FileFront :: http://dodownload.filefront.com/10391523//c9143d4fabc412d0db1582a2e9fae560decab4773f079e13875ac8e0f7a07e7d36a4aa1c1413f2e6
Download :: Mega-Shares :: http://www.megashares.com/upostproc.php?fid=662214

Download EvilGunZ V Custom Maps Pack
New link: Map installer. Now you wont need to manually put the maps in the folder!
Download :: FileHost :: http://www.fileshost.com/en/file/50818/EvilGunz-Mappack-exe.html
Download :: Mega-upload :: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AACI3MFM
Download :: SendSpace :: http://www.sendspace.com/file/olw5j7

Run Updater.exe to check for new updates
Located in 'C:\Program Files\EvilGamerZ\EvilGunZ V'

Run theduel.exe & Connect to Game
Located in 'C:\Program Files\EvilGamerZ\EvilGunZ V'
or appears as 'e_icon.exe' in your desktop, rename 'e_icon' to 'EvilGunZ V'

Create a character Smile
You can choose to have a black skin and there are
customized outfits & items based on black skins

Check you're rank @ our ranking page


::: EvilGamerZ :: EvilGunZ V :: V.5.5 [Elite 3.5] :::: UPDATES LOG

New maps

Sphinxe, Segaomega, Lucy [Grim_Reaper]


EForest, Snow Xmas, Evil Warfield, Subway, Hut
Escape, Subway [Sphinxe], Oblivion, CrossRoads
GlassCage, Pillars, SkyLine, SuperMario3

Item Updates

Coders: Aziz, Sphinxe, GunBlade, Segaomega
Senior Item Desginer: Aziz
Designers: Sphinxe, GunBlade, Segaomega, Shaygun, Pure_G5, Lucy

Item System:

All cloths are level 0, no stats.
All stats are balanced in power rings
there are special cloths that require certain level.
There are different categories and strategies, so be careful!
Every type got it's own pros & cons.
VIP & Event items come with special rings.

New Items Featuring:

Axium Hero Set, S.W.A.T eForece, S.W.A.T Unti-23, Criminal Pro, Shadow Slayer
Night Killer Jacket, Cloud Set [Based on FFX], Dante Set [Based on DMC]
Yuna Set [Based on FFX, Elite V Set, Camo Jackets, CM Coats, Designer Coats
Dollar Speingel Shirt, Green Slider Set, Star fleet Top, Police Set, Bussines
Suits, 30 Hairstyles, New face skins, NPC Sets, NPC Weapons, **agon Pants,
All MAIET Items available, Deties & Aura Dark Sets, Black Skin versions
of new items, Volcano Set, Quest Set, VIP Sets
Supporter Sets, Staff Sets, Fun Sets

:: WEPS ::

New Blades, Dark Wings Kodachi, Wood Blades, Special Daggers, Double Daggers
Lightsabers, Maces, Wands, Staffs, Spears, Axes, Dual Axes, New Large Swords
Dual Large Swords, Cloud Buster Swords, Special Melee Type Guns, New Shotguns
Dual SGS, New SMGS, New Rocket Launchers, New Rifles, Dual Rifles, Dual MGs
New Pistols, New Revs, Special Weapons, Event Weapons, VIP Weapons, Staff Weapons
New Grenades, NPC Grenades, New Landmines, Invisible Landmines, Special Gold Meds
Evil Elite Meds, **oppable Portal, **oppable Man, **oppable NPC, Turkics, Evil Bags
[Lucky bag], **oppable World Items [health, AP, Bullets], Special Event, VIP and Staff Items,
New Rings, Power Rings, EXP Rings, VIP Rings, Staff Rings, Event Rings

Server Updates

Coders: Sphinxe, Aziz, GunBlade, x1nixmzeng

June Server Upgrades [Rotana Edition Jun07]
Quest Bug no more
Secure Database [ no accounts wipe ]
Supports Custom Maps
File Protection & Mrs encryption
Application update
Icon Update
EvilGunZ Updater Tool
Launcher Removed
Xtrap Anti-hack
New Channels
Clan Server under development
Custom Quests
Less Lag, Less Crash, Less Hacks
Online 24/7 - Unless under maintenance
Supports Voice Narration [ all effects added ]
Customized Outputs
Supports Full Game Options including mouse & keyboard settings


EvilGunZ Game Graphics
Senior Graphics Designer : Aziz

New Login Screen
Login Panel update
Elite2 Interface
Player Stats Bar [HP,AP,EXP] UPGRADE [In-Game]
Item Custom Icons [In-Game]
Custom SFX
General Graphic Update


Sound Specialists : Aziz, Sphinxe, DaStyle
Assistant: Lucy

Narration Voices
Custom Sound Effects
Custom Narration Voices
Customized Weapon Sound Effects
Combo Sounds Enabled
Custom BGMs
BGM Creating Guide
NPC Sounds
Special Item Customized Sounds
SFX Effects Sounds
Animation Sounds


Developers : Aziz, Sphinxe
Assistant: GunBlade

The Updater will only update your files, it's required that you update EvilGunZ Daily for latest updates
not updaing your EvilGunZ Client may result in game bugs.
The updater will replace the launcher.


Lead Quest Coders: Sphinxe, Virus
Lead Quest Mappers: Sphinxe, Virus
Coder: Aziz
NPC Designers: Aziz, Pure_G5
Senior Illustrator: Aziz

Features Quests in EvilGunZ V

Volcano Quest
Ice Quest
Survival Quest [ Zombie Fight ]
Pampoa Boss [ Cursed Pampoa ]

There are more quests not mentioned, and some are under-development.
You can buy quest items @ Shops.

Quest bug fixed
You can buy NPC Sets @ Shops
Sounds Enabled
Harder Quests added
**op NPC as medkit / landmine

and more!

Monster Bible Update

EvilGunZ Staff
Thank You.
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[Release] EvilGunZ V - 5th Client
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